Hoodland Electric Linear Actuators are the main part of our motion product portfolio, they’re a device that converts rotary motion into linear motion. Linear Actuators can be used to either push or pull with the same force and available in various product designs and configurations, this makes actuators used in many different fields.

We’ve aggressively broadened and deeped our knowledage of application in automotive field, that’re not exceptionally rugged and reliable but also perform with tremendous repeatability and efficiency. Below functions can electric linear acutuators performL

● Accessible Vehicles

Electric Linear Actuators are the key to simplify process, for those people who cannot travel via conventional vehicles, providing those with physical challenges the convenience they need. Hoodland linear actuators are specialized with long stroke, high push/pull capacity, reliable limit switches, can give the best using experience.

● Agricultural Vehicles

Many of Hoodland Linear Actuators are used in agricultural area, specifically designed for vibration, dirt and rugged roads, providing stable working performance. Electric motion get your applications enhancing reliability, safety and efficiency, reducing the cost and maximizing your efficiency.

● Highway Application

Electric motion can provide dependable and efficient performance to emergency vehicles, sweepers, snow ploughs, performance vehicles and etc. Our linear actuators can withstand any weather conditions, making your machines ready anytime.

● Recreational Vehicles

Our specialty actuators can be installed in recreational vehicles to provide available quick release for emergencies, window auto-open, exterior operations and etc.

Hoodland Electric Linear Actuators can be used in many other vehicles situations, our team will provide you with best solution according to your requirements and need. Just contact us freely.