In many fields, electric linear actuators can out-perform hydraulic and pneumatic. The growing awareness of the importance of environment protection and the need for clean power production has dramatically increased the use of solar, wind, water for production. The world is transitioning from conventional to renewable energy sources,. Hoodland has realized that and kept improving products, let them become more energy and environment friendly.

Hoodland Electric Linear Actuators, aim at keeping up with industry growth by working smarter. We get a broad of range of products that are used in renewable energy applications:

Solar Energy

It’s quite a challenge to track the movement of the sun, accurate, trouble-free positioning of the panels, and the total system should be highly rugged and able to withstand complicated weather.

Hoodland linear actuators can offer reliable and customized solutions to above challenges. Our actuators are equipped with limit switch, which can fix the panel when it’s blowed or damage by wind; Panels can require up to 6000N of force to move in windy conditions, which both actuators and screw jacks can deliver easily; multipe installations can be customized; actuators need little maintenance, making them ideal for solar energy applications.

Wind Energy

There’re always top hatches built in the top of windmills to allow maaintenance of large components in the turbine house; these hatches are also too heavy for human to operate; the turbine also needs to have a parking brake then the rotor stays in position for service when the wind conditions require the mill stopped.

Therefore, actuators become the ideal solution for above situation, they’re tough encough to do these jobs comparing with others.

Hoodland Electric Linear Actuators can be used in many other energy fields, such as nuclear, hydropower and etc. More details are available if needed, please feel free and contact us, our team is always ready for you.

Solar Tracking System

Solar energy is one of the most widely used clean energy sources on the planet. Solar energy does not have any pollution and can provide very large amounts of electrical energy. Solar tracking technology uses an electric linear actuator as a rotating power component through the illumination sensor to allow the solar panel to follow the sun, which can extend the illumination time and increase the illumination conversion rate. The electric actuator comes with remote control, which can control the angle of the panel at any time, and through the program command, can control the electric actuator to automatically operate according to the lighting conditions.


1, Our electric actuators use high-precision silent motors to eliminate the sound of most motors.

2, IP65 protection level, can directly resist splashing water, dust and other pollutants in any direction.

3, using aluminum alloy die-casting, anti-deformation, with high strength.

4, the maximum thrust can reach 6000N, can increase the 600KG object, and maintain a uniform speed.

5, intelligent anti-pinch, pressure rebound, to ensure higher security.

6, the stroke adjustment range can be customized according to customer requirements.

Solar Tracking System