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● Max Load Capacity: 2250 N

● Max No-load Speed: 40mm/s

● Stroke Length: 50 ~ 1000mm

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Product Description:

IPT1100 Series Electric Lifting Columns, are a self-supporting, height adjustable solution to your lifting requirements. These pre-aligned columns are easy to install and require minimal down time, and are also maintenance free. Hoodland lifting columns are designed for fast and quiet movement, offer high load capacity and can be used singularly or in a group to allow for many different configurations for a variety of uses.
OEM and ODM are always available if needed.
For this series, max load capacity can reach to 2250N, equal to 225kg (almost 496lbs). Low noise design, noise level below 48dB.
IP level reach to IP54, can not completely prevent the invasion of dust, but the amount of dust will not affect the normal operation of columns. Waterproof garde is 4, can prevent the splash of water in all directions.
With built-in limit switch, lifting columns will automically stop at the top or bottom, this makes lifting columns become very safe and convenient for both home and industrial use.
For operating frequency, it’s 10%, max 2 minutes continuous use. In this case, please do not continue use lifting columns for more than 2 mins in case of damage to power cord because of excessive temperature.

Please notice below:

● when you receive the goods, please check if it’s complete and whether it can work normally. If not, please let us know at the first time.
● Please make sure if the reserved position is enough for installation. Or you can check the size of lifting columns before placing orders.
● Please do not store or operate electric lifting columns in high temperature or humid enviornment, or place in corrosive gas, which will reduce motor efficiency and using life.
Should any other question or need, just contact us freely, we will reply as soon as possible.


● Color: Silver white
● Appropriate installation size
● Powder Coating
● Protection: IP54
● Bulit-in limit switch
● Low Noise
● Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ +40℃ (32℉ ~ 104℉ )
● Operating Frequency: 10% max 2mins continuous use

No-load speed (mm/s) 4 9 14 20 25 32 40
Load force (N) 2250 1000 600 400 300 150 100
Initial height (mm) L=S+110,  S≤400;
L=S+160, 400<S≤800;
L=S+210, S≥800
Operating temperature o~40℃
IP Grade IP54
Limit switch Built-in
Operating frequency 10% max 2min continuous use
Panels Powder coating
Color Silver gray
Optional Features Rebound or pause when encountering obstacles
Hall sensor
Switch signal feedback

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