IP3000-X Serise Electric Linear Actuator

Short Description:

● Max Thrust: 800 N

● Low Noise

● Stroke Length: 50-1000mm, customized

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Product Description

IP3000-X Series electric linear actuator, is our new series, with unique appearance and barely noise motor, it can be used in massage chair/bed, cinema seat and etc.

All our linear actuators have buiit-in limit switch. They are not meant for an electric linear actuator with position feedback, instead, they determine the start and stop points of the linear actuator.

To put it simply, limit switches are installed at both endpoints of the actuators stroke and as soon as the actuator rod comes in contact with them, they break off the circuit. This is a necessary measure as the motor does not know when to stop, and if not turned off at endpoints, it can destroy the actuator, itself, or even cause damage to users. The feedback control, in this case, is slightly limited as it is only responsible for collecting position feedback at extreme positions.

At Hoodland, we understand the importance of providing quiet systems to preserve residentscomfort. Our electric actuators solutions provide smooth movement, ideal for domestic use. They are also able to support heavy loads and safely adjust furniture by a simple control system.


 Color: gray

 Input Voltage: DC 24V

 Unique design

 Powder Metallurgy Gear

 Aluminum alloy shell, blackening treatment

 Protection: reach to IP43 level

 Bulit-in limit switch

 Noise level 48dB

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